14 July 2024
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan held a meeting with the Saudi and Emirati ambassadors to Washington to "discuss ongoing Houthi attacks against civilian targets”
Will "be looking into the possibility" the Houthi ballistic missile attack was directed at US forces at Al Dhafra Air Base, says @PentagonPresSec
"U.S. forces at Al Dhafra Air Base, near Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), engaged two inbound missile threats with multiple Patriot interceptors" this morning
2 year ago
UAE Foreign Ministry: The UAE reserves the right to respond to these attacks and this criminal escalation
2 year ago
UAE Foreign Ministry: Houthi militia targeting of civilian facilities in the UAE will not go unpunished
Emirati ambassador in Washington: The United States must act to return the Houthis to the terrorist list
The Emirati ambassador in Washington: We demand a halt to the financial flows and weapons that reach the Houthis from their supporters
Iranian Foreign Minister: What is happening between Yemen and Arab countries participating in military operations against it is a Yemeni matter
The U.S. Air Force said that it had intervened on Monday to repel an attack on the UAE amid an escalation of tensions between the Gulf nation and the Iran-backed Houthis
U.S. advises all its citizens in the UAE to maintain high level of security awareness - U.S. Embassy
Air Navigation Data: Aircraft movement at Abu Dhabi Airport was temporarily disrupted in conjunction with the UAE's interception of Houthi missiles
2 year ago
UAE Defense Ministry:missile launcher in Al-Jawf was used to target Abu Dhabi with two missiles
Houthi spokesperson warns that it could expand its operations, meeting "escalation with escalation" and once again warns foreign companies and investors in the UAE to leave the country calling it "unsafe"
Houthi military spokesman: Vital and important sites in Dubai were targeted by a large number of drones
Houthi spokesperson speaking now, says the group targeted the al-Dhafra air base and other "sensitive sites" with a large number of Zulfiqar ballistic missiles
Houthis spokesperson also claims that the group targeted Dubai with a number of Samad 3 drones (no attacks reported)
Al Masirah Channel: An upcoming statement by the Houthis military spokesman regarding a military operation in the Saudi and Emirati depths
2 year ago
The UAE Defense announces the destruction of two ballistic missiles launched by the militias towards the Emirates
2 year ago
UAE Defense: Remnants of the intercepted missiles fell in separate areas around Abu Dhabi
2 year ago
The coalition: The launch pad was used this morning in a ballistic missile launch
2 year ago
The coalition: We destroyed a ballistic missile launcher in Al-Jawf Governorate, Yemen
UAE MOI stops drone flying operations for owners, practitioners and enthusiasts2 year ago
UAE MOI stops drone flying operations for owners, practitioners and enthusiasts
THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) had it's first real world intercept on Monday in the UAE, it intercepted the Ballistic Missile near Al-Dhafra Air Base launched by the Houthi's from Yemen
Security Council Statement: Condemning the attacks in Abu Dhabi, UAE
2 year ago
Adviser to the Emirati President: The militias are using the port of Hodeidah militarily to finance the war
2 year ago
Adviser to the Emirati President: The militias have turned the port of Hodeidah into a port for maritime piracy
Gargash: The Houthi militia has turned the port of Hodeidah into a port for maritime piracy, war financing, and military exploitation
The UAE envoy to the US disclosed that the Houthis apparently deployed a "combination of cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and drones — targeted civilian sites"
Putting Houthis back on terrorism list is "under consideration," says @POTUS who has now been at the lectern for nearly 90 minutes
The head of the Israeli company Skylock Defense Systems: The Emiratis asked for our support only after the Abu Dhabi attack